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Happiness at School™

Happiness at School

Meet Our Team

meet the team

Sue’s Blog

Sue's Blog

The Happiness at School™ project has been a great success for the last three years at North Kipling JMS as the first lighthouse school. Sue, Kyle and Marc have created an innovative format using stand-up comedy in our grade 7 classrooms to meet literacy and mental health expectations. The teachers and students love the class visits and the culminating Comedy Showcase. The media attention we generated made us all smile with pride!

Alex TraceyPrincipal, Toronto District School Board

I learned you don’t have to make fun of someone to make them laugh.


Every bad or good thing can be turned into something funny.


It helped me get all my issues off my mind and really helped me laugh.


It brought a lot of positive vibes to our school and was a big stress reliever.


You don’t need to run away from it to make light of it. I give it 11/10 for awesome-ness!


It’s better to embrace your insecurities and not be ashamed of them.


It can give the kids more courage and help them with other school problems like bullying.


Instead of seeing the flaws you have, you should see what makes you different and special.