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Happiness at School

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The Happiness at School™ project has been a great success for the last three years at North Kipling JMS as the first lighthouse school. Sue, Kyle and Marc have created an innovative format using stand-up comedy in our grade 7 classrooms to meet literacy and mental health expectations. The teachers and students love the class visits and the culminating Comedy Showcase. The media attention we generated made us all smile with pride!

Alex TraceyPrincipal, Toronto District School Board

I learned you don’t have to make fun of someone to make them laugh.


Every bad or good thing can be turned into something funny.


It helped me get all my issues off my mind and really helped me laugh.


It brought a lot of positive vibes to our school and was a big stress reliever.


You don’t need to run away from it to make light of it. I give it 11/10 for awesome-ness!


It’s better to embrace your insecurities and not be ashamed of them.


It can give the kids more courage and help them with other school problems like bullying.


Instead of seeing the flaws you have, you should see what makes you different and special.


Happiness at School is a great project and will give kids some great skills and help to build their confidence and self-esteem. Every school should have it!

David GranirerFounder, Stand Up For Mental Health

Working with Kyle and Marc was a wonderful experience. I believe the Happiness at SchoolTM Project is a great way to get students to discuss things they usually don’t open up about like their well-being, mental health and overall just being happy! I think that presenting stand up comedy in front of your peers was great for most students. It helped shy students get into the process of coming out of their shell and helped the confident students to embrace themselves and their wonderful character trait.


The happiness project has taught me that you can’t always be Mrs. Perfect and have a fake smile on your face. You have to be REAL! If you’re feeling sad, it’s okay. If you’re feeling angry, talk it out. Because in order for you to find your happiness that is trapped inside of you… You need to open up. I need to smile more, laugh a little and LIVE to my fullest potential. You’ve helped transform me, now transform the world.


A big question I had earlier was if this project had helped me feel happier? Had it worked? Well, for me it has 100% worked. Cheering someone up, is the best way to cheer yourself up, and making so many others laugh has made me a happier person! This program has also made presenting in front of others has just become so much easier for me now than ever before.


It’s helped me in sooooo many good ways, even if I’m feeling down, I feel positive I can get back up. That’s the power of happiness; it doesn’t just come from joy, but all other emotions too. Just like in the movie Inside Out, Riley needed all the emotions to be happy.


This program has had a huge impact on my life. I’ve learned so many different things about emotions and many other things that we may not consider important but are…Comedy has affected my life in so many ways. I learned more about emotions in a few weeks than I would in a year. I learned it through fun ways, not some boring textbook work. I learned that happiness is always there in one’s life, they just need to find it. I’ve learned ways to reduce stress and just be happy in general.


I think I’d miss the happiness project. It really was a way for me to break my safe zone of presenting, and I think I can speak for my whole class on this one, the project was an astounding and unique way to get the best out of us presenting, and just the best out of our everyday life.


I know that my literacy and writing skills were improving impressively, which is greatly because of the fact that the Happiness Project is actually an enjoyable writing/presenting assignment.


I think that the Happiness at School Project and the Comedy Showcase is a really good way to bring laughter into one’s life. I also think that the Happiness at School Project should be implemented in many more schools! This experience is kind of like a once-in-a-lifetime experience (having 2 professional comedians give you advice)! The whole process has boosted my confidence and I was given many great tips for the future!


It was REALLY FUN! I feel a lot more confident in myself and I feel much more happier! I love that the Playbook guides you through the “lessons” that they both gave us.


My son Ryan Doyle participated in your Happiness at School project at St. Michael Catholic School in Belleville, and in short, it was a Godsend for him. You should know – you’ve had a HUGE impact on his life! I never saw him enjoy school the way he did during the time that you were teaching him! The days that you were there were the days he set his alarm to be up early and ready to go. He worked at his comedy like it was a full time job – so I truly believe this is his passion. Thank you for awakening that in him!

—Amy Doyle, proud mother of comedian Ryan Doyle, 2017

Amy Doyle