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Wonderful Testimonial

We just received this testimonial from Amy Doyle the mother of one of our students from last year – Ryan Doyle. We just have to share it with you! “My son Ryan Doyle participated in your Happiness at School project at St. Michael Catholic School in Belleville, and in short, it was a Godsend for [...]

Rolling Out Facilitator Certification Online ECourse

While running the Happiness at School™ project in five schools this fall in souther Ontario (stretching from Belleville to Toronto to Oakville) we have had many requests asking questions like, “How can I get this going in South Africa?”  NO Kidding!  And, “Can you tell me more about this project?” We have heard the requests [...]

Happiness at School™ Website Gets Redecorated

I love those HGTV and W Channel home shows about tearing down walls, re-purposing rooms and spiffing up older houses. Don’t you?  Well, our website just got the same redecorating treatment. Not quite a “flipping out” renovation but some new rooms and a fresh coat of paint for sure! Take a look and see for [...]

Happiness at School™ New Plans!

We are proud to share good news today about Happiness at School™ -  an innovative mental health and literacy project taught through stand-up comedy to students in grades 7-10. From now on, this project will be a division of the new company Sue Stephenson Productions Inc.  We are making plans to respond to a growing interest to [...]

New Happiness-at-School Project Playbooks

The Happiness-at-School Project© is a joyful literacy, learning experience that uses stand-up comedy to teach kids about mental health and well-being. There are two new Playbooks to help teachers and comedians start a project of their own. The Facilitator Playbook is an outline of the activities and a new suggested sequence to use with students, [...]

Students Do Stand Up – CTV Toronto media coverage

  Here’s another excellent example of the widespread media coverage North Kipling JMS received for their Happiness-at-School Project Stand Up Comedy Showcase Coverage on Dec 7, 2015.  This one, by CTV Toronto with reporter Scott Lightfoot, aired the evening of the Showcase..  It shows you more student performers, comments from teachers, creator Sue Stephenson, and [...]

Comedy Showcase 2nd Year of Student Performances

The final performances from the Year 2, 2014-2015 Comedy Showcase  are available for your viewing on vimeo.com under Comedy Showcase. We thank all these students and their teachers who took a risk and tickled our funny bones! In the second year of our Happiness-at-School Project, at North Kipling JMS in Toronto, we encouraged students to perform alone or they could form groups [...]

Fiction for Students – Mental Health and Well-Being

Reading books have always been a way teachers and parents help children and young adults learn to make some sense cope with their world. As I prepare to be a speaker and panelist at the 2016 Reading For The Love Of It conference in Toronto Feb 17 & 18, I have been exploring books about [...]

Mental Health Through The Students’ Eyes

  “It’s amazing to learn and be able to say, “I did stand-up comedy when I was 12 years old.” You can see in this weighted word cloud above the most commonly mentioned, positive adjectives from the students’ eyes to describe the Happiness-at-School Project.  Here are some comments from the final blogs of 7/8G and [...]

Our Third Year of Ha-Ha-Ha-Happiness

The Happiness@School Project© is a joyful learning experience that uses stand-up comedy skills to promote well-being through mental health literacy, positive psychology, and laughter. It is a Canadian first using strategies to encourage skills that aren’t traditionally taught — but have serious curriculum connections! Take a look at this link to The Toronto Star coverage , a fantastic [...]