Comedy Showcase 2nd Year of Student Performances

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The final performances from the Year 2, 2014-2015 Comedy Showcase  are available for your viewing on under Comedy Showcase. We thank all these students and their teachers who took a risk and tickled our funny bones!

In the second year of our Happiness-at-School Project, at North Kipling JMS in Toronto, we encouraged students to perform alone or they could form groups of two or three in what is called sketch comedy vs. stand-up comedy. In the photo you can see Alyssa, Emily and Kathleen near the end of their sketch!

Comedian Kyle Woolven, helped the kids with this description:

What is a sketch? A sketch is a short, funny, scene that consists of two or more characters.

When writing a sketch, these are the words you need to know:

Premise – what the sketch is about

Characters - the people in the sketch

Beginning - the characters encounter a problem

Middle - the characters try to solve the problem

End  – the characters either solve the problem or don’t

Beats – repeating jokes that escalate each time


These are the performers names alphabetically:

Alyssa, Kathleen and Emily, in Mall Madness

Avanie, Julissa and Julysa

Dhruv, in The Truth

Harie and Abilash -  The Gas Guys

Mati and Vikrent

Nikens, Bruce and Pavithran

Rachelle and Corina

Raksha, in Sticky Situations, and

Sirius and Surya, in The Quirks of Chindia

Some students thought it would be easier to work in a small sketch comedy group but in fact it may make it a little more difficult because they have to trust the other person/people to rehearse and learn their lines. When it works, it’s a masterpiece of teamwork!

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