Happiness at School™ Website Gets Redecorated

I love those HGTV and W Channel home shows about tearing down walls, re-purposing rooms and spiffing up older houses. Don’t you?  Well, our website just got the same redecorating treatment. Not quite a “flipping out” renovation but some new rooms and a fresh coat of paint for sure!

Take a look and see for yourself. www.happiness-at-school.ca


Thanks goes to my long-standing, trustworthy and talented webmaster Greg Rodrigo! We partnered up together again – it’s three times now I think we have done a major revamp together. I think the site is better organized for sure.  I couldn’t have done any of this without Greg at the other end!

The big new piece we are rolling out is the NEW Facilitator Certification eCourse so more of you can become Happiness at School Facilitators and get the project going where you live, or teach it in your school!   We also have new “rooms” about the Happiness at School™ project and its participating schools and sponsors this year.  You will Meet Our Fabulous Team as well. Take a jog over and see what’s new! It’s all swept up now and ready for visitors!

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