The Happiness at School™ project

Bringing joy to the classroom one laugh at a time! We use stand-up comedy to promote literacy, mental health and well-being in grade 7-12 classrooms.

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The Happiness at School™ project has been a great success for the last three years at North Kipling JMS as the first lighthouse school. Sue, Kyle and Marc have created an innovative format using stand-up comedy in our grade 7 classrooms to meet literacy and mental health expectations. The teachers and students love the class visits and the culminating Comedy Showcase. The media attention we generated made us all smile with pride! – Alex Tracey, Principal, Toronto District School Board

Happiness at School™ is a great project and will give kids some great skills and help to build their confidence and self-esteem. Every school should have it! – David Granirer, Founder, Stand Up For Mental Health

The ability to recognize and produce humor are skills that are increasingly more important in our society as they requires intelligence, social awareness, and communication. Programs such as Susan’s that foster these skills directly, can have profound benefits for the students involved. These include increased learning, self-esteem, problem-solving, interpersonal relationships, resilience, and an overall improved quality of life.  The Happiness at School™ project is especially innovative and has the potential to be a life changing experience. – Dr. Brian King, author of The Laughing Cure

This powerful clip features girls who have been in the program over the past few years at North Kipling JMS. Take a look!

Order of appearance: Abby (clip and speaking), Avani (speaking), Kathleen and Alyssa (clip), Corinna (speaking), Sabhat (speaking), Sabhat and Tashifa and Nain (clip), Kathleen (speaking) and Abby (clip).

New! Free Happiness at School™  Visual Map

Happiness-at-School Visual Map
This visual map provides you with an overview of the project. This resource is free to download. Click on download to save and print this resource.


LASF-logo_2-tm-yel-purpWe are thrilled to be endorsed by the Laughter Arts and Sciences Foundation.

We are grateful for our current sponsors to help keep down the costs for schools. Contact us if you have an idea for a future sponsor!

And we are proud partners with the Toronto District School Board in their mental health and well-being strategy.

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Participating Schools

We are planning to scale up the number of schools in our fall, winter and spring terms over the coming years. We are taking it slow at the start to have happy user schools and a quality product!

  • North Kipling Junior Middle School in the Toronto DSB – our first lighthouse school where the project has been running for five years with the partnership of grade 7/8 teachers and the on-going support of the principal Alex Tracey.
  • St. Michael Catholic Elementary School in Belleville, in the Algonquin and Lakeshore CDSB
  • Galloway Road PS in the Toronto DSB
  • Dr. Marion Hilliard PS in the Toronto DSB
  • T A Blakelock High School in the Halton DSB
  • Peel Alternative School PAS in the Peel DSB