Take the ECourse to Become A Certified Facilitator


By clicking the link below, you will be redirected to the eCourse website, hosted by Kajabi Next. Watch the short Overview of the course, free of charge. Then, you can purchase the course and download your materials with step-by-step instructions.

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Happiness at School™ was developed in 2012 by Sue Stephenson, Marc Hallworth and Kyle Woolven. We are based in southern Ontario in Canada and currently work with schools in our local area. We use stand-up comedy to promote mental health, well-being and literacy in grade 7-10 classrooms. Download our 4 page, colour brochure to see the whole picture.

This is an invitation to participate in a short 5 hour, self-paced online course to learn more about the Happiness at School™ project and then become a certified Facilitator. We developed the eCourse so that more schools can become Happiness at School™ projects and also have a high level of consistency and credibility among schools.

Once you are a certified Facilitator you can:

  • use the project in your classroom or school using the language arts, drama, social studies, mental health or well-being curriculum with the Teacher-Facilitated Model
  • start a project as a Facilitator with a comedian coach where you live and take it into schools with the Complete Model
  • use your imagination for other venues such as a summer camp or lunch or after school club
  • Contact us for details about starting a Happiness at School™ licensed project of your own outside of our service area.

And yes — comedians can become Facilitators too!

The course is totally self-paced and viewable on all mobile devices so you can experience the modules to suit your own time schedule and you can return to it anytime.


As an Attorney, Certified Brain Health Coach, Resilience trainer and Certified Laughter Leader, Expert Level,  who has has presented therapeutic laughter, mindfulness, and brain health curriculums to hundreds of health occupations students(HOSA) high schoolers  from Tennessee for the last five years, I cannot over-emphasize how comprehensive and on-point Sue Stephenson’s Happiness At School Project Facilitator course is for educators across the continent. This program, originating in Canada, is nonetheless a model which can be replicated in other middle school and secondary school programs across the U.S.A, and in my opinion should become a mandatory curriculum for any teacher, anywhere, who wishes to know more about creating a climate of well-being in any classroom setting.

Sue walks her educators through a well-orchestrated video presentation and outstanding educational materials that guide the potential facilitator point by point with a script that covers everything from learning how to communicate with teachers and their kids to helping them and their students create a climate of trust in the classroom wherein all participants can engage in a meaningful dialogue about mental health. Her collaborative model includes active participation by comedians, teachers, students, and the facilitator. The topper is that not only do participants learn major principles of resiliency, positive psychology, mindfulness and the therapeutic benefits of humor and laughter, but they also learn to find themselves, their inner comedian, and their inner strength. Sue Stephenson’s many years as an effective educator shines through in a program that truly teaches the facilitators to relax, be happy and enjoy modelling what they wish to see in their student’s lives. This is an outstanding program that I predict will become a prize-winning curriculum that will endure for years to come!

Debra Chaves Norwood
Laughter Lawyer USA
Conflict Resolution, Resilience Training, Therapeutic Laughter