The Most Positive Thing in Your Life: from grade 7 students

Stay Positive

We’re off to another fun year with the grade seven teachers and students and their Happiness Project at North Kipling JMS in the Toronto District School Board.  To start the project off, we decided to use a short questionnaire this year to keep some data. One of the questions was — What is the most positive thing in your life now? Why? Thinking they would say things like “my new iPhone”, I was delighted and surprised about the theme of the majority of their comments.

Overwhelmingly, they talked about their families. In their words, here is a sampling of their comments:

“My mom is the most supportive of me”, “My brothers will always be there for me”, “My family makes me laugh.” “My parents have done a lot for me and my siblings.” “My family because they bring me up and help me, they take care of me and they make me happy.” “My family supports me no matter what the situation is.” “They know me well and with them it’s easy to laugh and smile.” “Without my family, I’d have nothing.”

There were lots of comments about school too, like “Going to school, because I can learn something new.”

And friends . “My friends keep me company and help me out of tuff situations.”

“Playing soccer!” “Helping others because you feel good after.” “Being healthy”

With Thanksgiving weekend coming soon in Canada, these are comments I am thankful for. It’s going to be an awesome project with these students this year! More to come!