Happiness at School™ New Plans!

We are proud to share good news today about Happiness at School™ -  an innovative mental health and literacy project taught through stand-up comedy to students in grades 7-10.

From now on, this project will be a division of the new company Sue Stephenson Productions Inc.  We are making plans to respond to a growing interest to bring this project to more schools and make it easier for you to get going. Plans are underway to to offer self-paced online eCourses for the training of licensed facilitators.  These are on schedule to be available by the end of June, so watch for updates. In the meantime, the two Playbooks have been moved to an Under Construction site and are temporarily unavailable.

Email Sue Stephenson in the Contact Form on the website if you would like to be added to the email list.  Keep in touch with us!

Visual Map Stage 2 & outcomes