New Happiness-at-School Project Playbooks

The Happiness-at-School Project© is a joyful literacy, learning experience that uses stand-up comedy to teach kids about mental health and well-being. There are two new Playbooks to help teachers and comedians start a project of their own.

The Facilitator Playbook is an outline of the activities and a new suggested sequence to use with students, along with extra resources.

The Student Playbook is designed for students to use as they experience the activities in the project.

These Playbooks (Facilitator Playbook (16 pages) and Student Playbook (24 pages)) are available for the special price of $19.99!. You can purchase a digital copy at  Alternatively, you can order a copy of the Playbooks by sending Sue a message through the Contact form on the website. Once you have purchased these documents, they are yours to copy and use with your class or family. Contact Sue for a school or board license for these Playbooks.

In addition to these books, follow Sue’s BLOG to find even more hints and resources to use!