Sue Goes High Tech: Using a Promo Video on Your Website

videographer copy


Having recently completed the process of adding a new promo video to my website, I want to share the my experiences with the process with you. Video is such a powerful medium these days because we are so visually oriented with TV and movies, and film quickly captures our interest.  I have written text on my website about me but as the saying goes —a picture is worth a thousand words —and a moving picture is priceless!

I wanted to have a recent clip so prospective clients could “see me in action”. My website received a fresh coat of paint last fall and I loved it.  Patti Henderson expertly coached me through the re-design process and Greg Rodrigo made it work with his technical website skills.  But, there was one step left to complete the overall design —a video.

I used to have a few video clips of me before the newest version of the website but they weren’t great quality and didn’t show me at my best. I needed a someone better to shoot and edit this one so I went back to Jim Brodie, a professional videographer I had worked with on a very successful project a few years back, called Time to Lead.   Our purpose this time was for me to write and him to shoot a clear message about what I do and why I do it, with the expectation that viewers would do something after viewing. As Jim said, “it would move them to action”. In my case, that would be to think about my message, order my books and/or book me as a speaker.

The most challenging part of writing the script was keeping the filmed version to no more than three minutes. WOW! Jim was very clear that this was the maximum people would watch. He even said the first 30 sec would convince them. WOWEE! So, I wrote and edited the script more than a few times, to get it down to three minutes. I used a great app called Teleprompt+ so I could upload the script onto my iPad and practice with it to get the timing down pat. That worked extremely well. ZOWEE!

The morning of the filming was a cooler day in August, luckily without rain. Jim chose a park setting and he set his equipment up to film it outside. I had a clip-on microphone to capture the sound better. My iPad was rigged up with my Teleprompt+ script right beside the camera lens with a rope he luckily had in his kit bag, and away we went!  I think Jim took about 20 versions using the script. I just kept doing whatever he said being careful to stay in my spot and not move. Jim also asked me some questions for impromptu responses.  A few weeks later, he also filmed me during a working session I led with the principal, vps and program leaders from T.A. Blakelock HS, and was able to merge some of that footage in with what he recorded in the park. The beauty of video is that it can be edited to look like it was one perfect shot and Jim is a pro at editing.  The end result is just what I wanted and I have to say it was fun doing it too, mainly due to Jim’s easy going nature and expertise!

I personally  welcome questions and comments too on Take a look!  If you’re interested in doing something like this or any other video project, I highly recommend contacting James Brodie Productions at out of Unionville ON for his award-winning reputation and results.